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Test Prep

It's never too early to begin preparing for admissions season. Listed below are the variety of services we provide in order to better prepare your child for Houston area school entrance exams and the admissions process. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to better prepare our students so please check back frequently for updates and never hesitate to reach our to us with any questions.

Standardized Test Preparation Workshops

Lower Level/Middle Level Workshop Students Applying to 5-8 Grades


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Upper Level ISEE + HSPT Workshop Students Applying to 8-12 Grades


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Standardized Practice Exams


ISEE Practice Tests

ISEE testing season is just around the corner. Full-length test simulations provide the best opportunities for students to lessen their test anxiety, build strong test-taking skills and increase their confidence.  Spaces are limited. Reserve a seat for your child now. The first test your child takes with us is called their "Benchmark ISEE", set at $175. Each additional test your child takes with us is $125. Listed below are the packages we offer. 


1st Test (Benchmark Test) / $175 (Each additional individual test is $125 after.)

3 Tests / $350

6 Tests / $725 

HSPT Practice Tests

The HSPT (High School Placement Test) has become a secondary entrance exam for high schools today, particularly in Catholic schools. As of now, we will only be holding one HSPT practice test on September 15th at $175. However, please continue to check back with us as we may add more dates if interest increases.